Dezember, 2022

1. Question

add_eventon_list hide_mult_occur=“yes“ hide_empty_months=“no“ number_of_months=“5″ hide_month_headers=“no“ tiles=“yes“ tile_bg=“1″ tile_bg_size=“full“ tile_height=“400″ tile_style=“1″ show_year=“yes“ hide_so=“yes“ ux_val=“4″

The list displays as expected in Feb, but for all following months the featured image doesn’t show.

Dezember 2022

Do08Dez19:00ALICEEin Punkquartett von The Metafiction Cabaret – ENTFÄLLT WEGEN KRANKHEIT

Do15Dez11:00ALICEEin Punkquartett von The Metafiction Cabaret

Januar 2023

So08Jan18:00Krawall in mirAutorenlesung mit Roman Shamov

Februar 2023

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März 2023

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April 2023

Di18Apr10:00NICHTS oder Herr Käseweis fliegt zum MondFigurentheater ab 4 Jahren

Di25Apr10:00AllesTheater mit Objekten ab 6 Jahren

2. Question

add_eventon_list number_of_months=“5″ event_count=“99″ ux_val=“X“ event_past_future=“future“ hide_past_by=“ss“ event_type_2=“268″ hide_so=“yes“ hide_empty_months=“yes“ show_year=“yes“

The list displays on a PAGE, but when I call it on an EVENT PAGE the site crashes. I can write the shortcode: add_eventon event_type_2=“268″ but as soon as I write add_eventon_list event_type_2=“268″ its over ;-(

The list displays correctly in Feb, but for all following months there is a link on the events that is not wanted (ux_val=“X“).

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By: Basilis KanonidisFeb 8,2021 AT 3:04PM – Posted 6 Hours Ago – #220461
Hey Tom,The site crashes because there is no option for this shortcode, so eventually it can not execute aything

add_eventon_list event_type_2=“268″

Works here – doesn’t work on the event page – I don’t understand your answer.


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